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We are back and open for business! There may be increased lead times on some decors but we will do our very best to process orders and enquiries ASAP for you

Spray Service

If your project has spray finished panels we can help.


We provide a white priming service for raw mdf panels, your panels can be primed and sanded ready for you to fit and topcoat. We will prime all edges that we have edge-banded with preparation tape and leave them ready for a topcoat finish.

We recommend selecting MDF preparation tape for any edges that need a paint finish on your cutlist, this gives a seamless look to the edges and means raw edges don’t need to be sanded, and there is the option to choose a square edge or apply a 1mm or 2mm radius profile as part of the edgebanding process.

At our factory we also provide a staining and clear lacquer finishing service for veneered boards and timber, and colour spray finishing options for MDF flat panels, you can choose from Matt 10%, Satin Sheen 25% or Gloss at 40%.



We use a water-based high build primer for basecoating. As a guide allow £8 per square metre for flat mdf panels, we will prime any edges prelipped with preparation tape.

Colour Finishes

For colour finishes you will need to provide a colour reference for us to work from, this can be a RAL number, or a sample to match to.

Please contact us if you require a sample for approval and for a full quote on colour finishing.

As a rough guide to estimating your budget for coloured finishes please allow £40 per square metre* for flat panels in PU 25% gloss.

Clear Finishes

Our rates for clear finishes are as follows;

  • Clear Polyureathane Lacquer - £30 per square metre*
  • Stain and Clear PU lacquer - £42 per square metre*

Sprayed panels will not have part labels attached, we supply a part list for you to identify your panels.

* This price includes the three stages of treatment – preparation, base coating and top coating.