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Get your panels cut to size in Orpington

You can get furniture board cut to size thanks to our professional and quick CNC machining service

CNC machining made easy for your next project - no matter how big or small.

Looking to get your boards cut to size? Our heavy-duty CNC controlled beam saw can fulfil all your project requirements. We are able to produce mdf cut to size, plywood cut to size and mfc cut to size. Whether it is a small-scale DIY project or large commercial masterpiece you are working on, our handy CNC machine can make light work of those tricky tasks.

We have a range of furniture boards to choose from at our Forest Hill workshop. You can choose from Alvic, Xylocleaf, Egger and more. Plus it’s super simple to do. All you have to do is send us your unique cutting lists and we can get to work.

Along with cutting furniture boards to size, we can help complete a range of associated board cutting services. These include shaping, drilling, routing and line boring panels, thanks to our 5-axis homage CNC. Plus, if you’re looking to give your panels a clean and professional finish, we offer an edgebanding service. We stock more than 70 of the most popular decors and offer real wood veneer edgings to match with pre-veneered boards. Edgebanding is ideal if you are using your panels for furniture fittings, like wardrobes, kitchen fronts or bathroom cabinets. Just give the friendly team a call to find out more or go online at to start your cutting list today.

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