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MDF, MFC and Plywood boards cut to size in Croydon

Browse and order from Perfect Panels’ extensive online selection of MDF, MFC and Plywood boards and over 300 decors. Submit your cutting lists and specifications for your projects in and around Croydon and we will deliver the boards cut to size to your door.

Perfect Panels also provides edgebanding, spraying, and laminating and pressing for all your Croydon projects.

If you are working on a project in Croydon involving MDF, MFC or plywood boards then Perfect Panels can help. We offer an accurate and efficient online board cutting service. We have a beam saw and a state of the art edgebander, a large stock of edging tapes and a fleet of vans to deliver your cut boards to your site in Croydon.

We also provide 2D and 3D CNC machining. So if you are looking for drillings, hinge holes or your MDF, MFC or Plywood boards cut to shape then we can help with that too. And our well - equipped spray room enables us to prime your boards once they’re cut to size or to provide a high quality lacquered finish.

If you are building kitchens, wardrobes, home offices or have a general joinery project in Croydon or the surrounding areas then Perfect Panels is the ideal partner for MDF, MFC and Plywood board cutting. Plus, each item from your cut list is labelled at the Beam Saw, this label remains with each board throughout any further processing you have selected (although currently we cannot label items that are sprayed all around). This means that your individual cut boards are easier and quicker to identify upon delivery.

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