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Why laminated MDF has super clean hygiene credentials

Why laminated MDF has super clean hygiene credentials

No matter the industry, enforcing and maintaining good workplace cleanliness has been paramount this year.

We can see why. COVID has forced us all to think about how we can control and stop the spread of the ongoing virus.  Whether that’s through regularly washing our hands or our surfaces. And, if there’s one surface that’s easier to clean and less likely to degrade, it’s laminated MDF.

Fran Shackleford, from Perfect Panels, said: “MDF is widely used in the manufacturing of door parts and furniture parts and you can use it for worktops.   

“That’s because it comes with brilliant hard-wearing qualities. But once it’s been laminated, it makes the surface resistant to wear and tear. It’s also less porous. It also looks great and is super easy to clean.”

It’s because of the latter that we have seen a rise in the number of clinical settings – like doctor’s surgeries and consultation rooms – wanting to upgrade their workplace with laminated MDF to help improve the cleanliness of it.

“Recently, we’ve been providing laminated MDF doors, parts of cabinets and fronts of storage units to one of the leading manufacturers of storage systems and furniture for the medical and scientific environment.

“Laminated MDF really lends itself to this type of environment. Plus, it can be cut, lipped and easily matched back to the design you or your clinical setting might already have – it just comes with added surface qualities.” 

Along with clinical settings, this type of sealed surface is also very often the material of choice for schools or other areas where cleanliness is of high priority.


So, what exactly are the qualities of Laminated MDF?

 According to recent research, laminate is six times more scratch resistant than hardwood surfaces. It’s also:

  • Dense
  • Has no knots
  • Can be easily machined
  • Comes with brilliant stability
  • Completely sealed – meaning no bacteria can get trapped
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easily cleaned
  • Protects against water and steam


At Perfect Panels, our laminated MDF are available in a wide range of colours, woods, grades, thicknesses and finishes.

We have an in-house pressing service, meaning we can handle boards of up to 3050mm x 1525mm, although we can achieve longer or wider dimensions by slip pressing.

So, if you’re looking for a hygienic surface for a special project you have in mind, don’t hesitate to get in touch.