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Restoration office: rise in commercial and workplace makeovers

Restoration office: rise in commercial and workplace makeovers

It’s not just residential homes that are getting a spruce up before the start of the new year. It seems that offices, workplaces and commercial buildings are too.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic there has been a rise in the number of people turning their hand to DIY, home improvements and renovation projects.

But whilst many homeowners used the first lockdown as an opportunity to revamp their home, it seems like the second lockdown has given offices and commercial buildings the chance to do the same.

Since the start of the last quarter, Perfect Panels has a seen a rise in the number of retail and office buildings getting in touch for bespoke furniture and fittings.

Retail display cases

During the second lockdown in November, we were tasked with creating some panelling for a retail shop in Southall that had been completely gutted. The owner wanted to use this time to revamp their shop. Then, just this month, the same retailer, who sells handbags and shoes, commissioned the team to make a run of display cases.

Fran Shackleford from Perfect Panels said: “The retailer needed some display cases that were taller than any you could just buy off the peg. We were able to create a run of around 14 display cases each roughly 1 metre wide, complete with a saloon door for the employees to get behind. One section turns around a corner.”

To create this, the team used the beam saw to cut the MDF to perfect size. They also laminate pressed onto MDF which had a 15mm core with one face in Abet 836 Rosso Prugna, and the other in Abet 406 white. The white had a little bit of a gloss to it, whilst the red had a bit of texture.

The display cases were finished with toughened glass shelves, tops and directional lights inside. Fran added: “The lights were all pointing in lots of different directions and gave it a sparkly appearance.”

Pigeon holes

Another Perfect Panels bespoke furniture build was for some pigeon holes in a lobby. The team used 12mm Birch ply with Abet red, blue and black laminates.

These were pressed, cut to size on the beam saw, whilst the CNC machine was also used for fixings and drillings. The build was assembled in the Perfect Panels’ Forest Hill workshop before delivery.

In total there were just under 40 pigeonholes created. A tidy and aesthetically pleasing solution to post storage!

Curved Balustrade

Since good things come in threes, it’s also worth revisiting a project from this time last year.  When we helped to create a curved balustrade in an office building in central London.

Thanks to the help of our CNC router, we were able to groove, shape and profile a chunk of wood into a cylindrical timber handrail.

If you are undertaking a commercial office restoration, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team here at Perfect Panels is able to help right from the start of the makeover process through to the delivery of the finished piece.