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Pressing and laminating: Bringing a bespoke built-in wardrobe to life

Pressing and laminating: Bringing a bespoke built-in wardrobe to life

There’s always been an appetite for home interior projects and renovations.  

But since living in lockdown, this enforced time indoors has given many of us a chance to make some improvements to our home.  

From kitchen units to shelves and panelling to bespoke home office spaces, we’ve seen an increase in the number of enquiries from DIY enthusiasts and professionals looking to add to their space.  

Press and laminating service

In fact, we recently used our big press and laminating service to help a joiner complete a run of bespoke wardrobes for his client.  

Usually, Duncan Crockford from Woodsmith would cut, press and laminate his materials himself. But because this job was delayed when lockdown started in March, he came to Perfect Panels to get the job done quicker.  

Duncan said: “The project was a fair size, but was delayed because of lockdown. It was to build an L-shape run of three metre wardrobes and another two-metre run.  

“I also had to create around 14 drawers, which would give the clients lots of space for their clothes.  

“I don’t have a lot of experience of using other companies to do this sort of thing. I’d usually do it all myself. But it’s quite time consuming and costly because it’s a lot of man hours.  

“I came across Perfect Panels last year when I was looking for another workshop and I thought their set up was great.”  

CNC controlled beam saw 

To complete the project, we supplied Duncan with birch plywood. Using our state-of-the-art CNC controlled beam saw, we cut around 30 boards.  

We also used our 10x5ft press to press together numerous layers of the plywood to add to the excellent strength-to-weight ratio.  

Once this was complete, we laminated the doors and CNC’d hinge holes for him.  

Duncan added: “The turn-around was really quick. After ordering my chosen products online, I got a quote back from Perfect Panels. I could then fine tune it and send back the final cutting list. It was very straight forward.   

“Perfect Panels then programs it all in to their machine and your boards come out the other side. I think within a week I had everything.  

“The team was extremely knowledgeable. They answered all my questions, and I could tell they are passionate about what they do.  

“I aim to give a high-quality service to my customers, and I could see Perfect Panels had the same qualities. I’d definitely use them again.” 

Need a board pressing service?

Our press is the perfect tool to help create large wooden boards and panels. The maximum board size it can handle is 3050mm x 1525mm. But it can achieve longer or wider dimensions by slip pressing.  

This means, if your project requires a core that isn’t available from the standard board thickness we can press a composite of two or more boards together to achieve the thickness your project needs.  

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