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FENIX: the cutting-edge material for your next interior project

FENIX: the cutting-edge material for your next interior project

Super strong, biodegradable and fingerprint resistant.

We all want the materials we fill our house and homes with to work as hard as we do – if not harder. And if there’s one highly innovative and alternative material that’s up to the task, it’s FENIX.

What is FENIX?

The award-winning high-tech material from Arpa Industriale, is a one-of-a-kind design material because it has undergone a particular series of processes to make up its characteristics.

This includes a multilayer coating and the use of acrylic resins, which are hardened and fixed through an electron beam curing process. 

It is highly resistant to abrasions, dry heat, acid-based solvents and household reagents. It also has low light reflectivity and the surface is extremely opaque, soft touch and anti-fingerprint. Superficial micro-scratches caused by a knife or another sharp object can also be magicked away through the use of thermal healing.

FENIX comes with anti-bacterial and mould-resistant properties. And you’ll be pleased to know it’s as easy to clean as quartz.

To put it simply: the cutting-edge surface is as marvellous to look at as it is efficient.

What can FENIX be used for?

FENIX combines two interior design trends: the search for intelligent materials and a taste for opaque surfaces.

Due to its innovative characteristics, it can be used for a range of design projects. This includes:

  • Furniture such as tables, bookcases, chairs and partition walls
  • Bathroom surfaces
  • Kitchen cupboards, worktops and surfaces
  • In offices – a corporate setting or at-home setting
  • Hospitality industry – thanks to its non-porous external layer

How we have used FENIX

FENIX was introduced into the interior design world in 2013 and our team at Perfect Panels has had experience in using it since them. 

We just finished a project for a tradesman whose client wanted the FENIX finish in matt black applied to Birch Ply. We were also able to CNC the holes for the hinges and create finger pull openings.

Neville Sykes, Managing Director of Perfect Panels said: “This birch and FENIX combination is very fashionable right now. I think that’s because it’s a case of merging something tried and tested (Birch Ply) together with something new.

“Birch Ply is perhaps the most popular commercial board because of its strength, durability and eye-catching design. Integrate that with FENIX, and you have got all the design factors and aesthetically pleasing elements a modern-day kitchen could need.”

At Perfect Panels we have a range of FENIX finished available. Visit our full range of boards here. Or to find out more email our trusty team.