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4 simple ways to update your kitchen on a budget

4 simple ways to update your kitchen on a budget

Whilst 2021 might not have had the start we all had wished for, the UK’s third national lockdown has provided us with a bit more time at home.

During the first lockdown in March 2020, many homeowners turned their hand to updating their home office space after nearly 50% of UK in employment were forced to work from home. Whilst the second UK lockdown in November, saw the rise in commercial building renovations. And now, with Veganuary in full swing and many of us resolving to cook more healthy meals – we’re all spending a little more time in the kitchen. So perhaps the third national lockdown is a good chance to update your kitchen space.

Whether you are hoping to modernise your kitchen or just give it a quick refresh, there’s a number of ways you can do so without starting from scratch.


  1. Invest in a new kitchen worktop

Perhaps the most obvious way to update your kitchen is by investing in a new worktop. Not only can a new worktop change the look of your kitchen dramatically, it gives you a chance to upgrade your countertop for a more hardwearing surface.

One of the most hardwearing kitchen surfaces out there is the solid surface material, Corian by DuPont. It’s made from one third acrylic resin and two thirds mineral filler. But other options include a pressed ply worktop which would give you a lovely woodgrain. Using our in-house pressing service, pressing ply helps to reinforce its strength and increase a board’s standard thickness.


  1. Replace your kitchen fronts

Tired of your old kitchen cupboards? One very popular request we are seeing more of nowadays is for kitchen fronts to be replaced. 

Whether it’s a flat panel kitchen front you want or a popular shaker style option, only replacing your kitchen doors will save a lot of time, money and hassle. To do this, we cut boards to size using our beam saw to create MFC doors and lip them all the way round, using our edgebanding service. Depending on the finish you want, you could also choose from melamine faced MDF which comes with a high gloss UV lacquer or matt and pearl finish. Whilst pre-veneered boards are another favourite.


  1. New kitchen cabinet olour

Whilst changing the fronts of your cabinets, you could change up the colour too. It really is very simple. Thanks to our spraying workshop, we can inject some colour into your new kitchen fronts in no time with just about any shade you desire.

We can colour match to a number of paint shades already widely available from the likes of Pantone or Farrow & Ball and we can even provide a matter, satin sheen or gloss finish.


  1. Create new handles

They might be small, but you’ll have to believe us when we say handles can change the whole look of a kitchen. Fancy finger pulls as handles on your kitchen doors? Or how about U-shaped cut outs? Using our CNC router we are able to line bore, drill and cut intricate shapes for your project.

The materials we work with include softwood, MDF, ply and hardwood – to name a few. 


Start creating your cutting list today. Or get in touch with one of our experience team members who will be able to answer any of your queries or questions.